Friday, May 22, 2015

Miss K: 5, 6, 7 Months

Months 5, 6, & 7 brought exponential growth and development for Miss K. As we speak, she is sleeping in her big girl room... that's right! We made the transition at 6 months to sleeping in her room in her crib. She was getting too big for the co-sleeper and was constantly waking us up at night trying to roll over. She started rolling and rolling and rolling around 5 months and sitting up a couple of weeks before she turned 6 months old. She is currently getting up on her hands and knees and rocking herself back and forth. She will be crawling before we know it! Once she was confidently sitting up, we started putting her in the regular bathtub for baths and now her and Little B take baths together most nights. They have so much fun together. We started her on solid food once she turned 6 months old. This little girl looooooves to eat. She nurses every 4 hours still and eats 2-3 meals a day of homemade pureed fruit and veggies. Her favorites include bananas and sweet potatoes. She really doesn't care for apples and makes a face every time she eats a meal that contains apples. She has two bottom teeth and has been getting closer to cutting her top two teeth. She bites and chews on everything (including me... ouch!). She loves her binky and her blanket. She is obsessed with anything that has a tag on it. She finds the tag and chews and sucks on it. She shakes a rattle well and likes toys that make sounds and light up. She laughs every so often... Brother gets the biggest laughs out of her. He yells at her saying her name and she jumps startled and then cracks up laughing. They do this over and over. It's pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I love seeing their little relationship bloom. She is a very tough little girl who holds her own when it comes to her rough (and sometimes mean) older brother. Her sleeping is about the same as it has been. She usually wakes up once sometimes twice a night to eat and then goes back to sleep until 8 or 9am. She takes a late morning and late afternoon nap and goes to bed for the night around 830. She doesn't really like to be rocked and fights and squirms if you try and hold her. She likes to lay in her bed or just lay in your lap and fall asleep on her own. She develops her little personality as every month passes. She is so laid back and content. She loves to watch and observe everything. She is probably the most smiley baby I've ever seen! I can't wait to see what the next month brings for Miss K.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hello there stranger...

I don't know why I find it so difficult to carve out the time to visit and write for this little blog. Besides the fact that the kids rarely sleep at the same time (if they sleep at all), I am always occupied with all of the other things that I need to do on top of being mommy and wife. Clean house, piles of laundry, bills, blah blah blah.
I always take photos when we do things and have every intention of doing a post but never get around to it. And then a month or two goes by and I think it pointless to do a 5 month old update for Miss K when she is now 7 months old. B turned 3 in February and I didn't do a post... and I feel like it's too late. I get so overwhelmed by playing catch up that I just don't do it at all.
My kids are growing up so impossibly fast. It's milestone after milestone and I capture it for my own records but don't blog it. And I wish I had... when I look back on this blog, I see a baby book. It's a print and photo record of so many things. I am not doing it for others... I do it for me.
I think the pressure of my blog needing to be a certain way... certain amount of posts a week.. contain really interesting content... etc.  is what keeps me from doing it more often. I want to be satisfied with whatever I post whenever I post it.
So I am going to stop trying to conform to the blogger rules. Post what I want. When I want. And be happy that I am chronicling times in our little life and having it as a record always. So forgive me if you are reading Christmas posts in June. Or birthday posts in July. I think it's worth posting something than nothing at all.
Thank you to this wonderful blogosphere where I have gained invaluable relationships with WONDERFUL women who inspire and uplift me daily. I love each and every one of you and your families. Thank you for being my blogging family. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2015 Week by Phone Pics 5, 6, & 7/52

I'm going to play catch-up here and post some photos to recap the past 3 weeks. My phone has been on the fritz so I haven't been taking as many pictures. I'm not going to bore you with walking you through every photo... so here we go!

After a couple of beautiful days in the beginning of the week, we got one heck of snowstorm! The boys built a snowman!
I have been so cooped up in the house so I have been rearranging furniture. I really like the new dining room configuration. We bought a new TV because our old one finally stopped working.
We had our neighbor over for a little superbowl gathering. We made lots of goodies including my favorite O'Henry bars! You can get the recipe here!
 It snowed some more on Superbowl sunday and B was looking gangsta in daddy's hat and glasses.
 B and daddy enjoyed some Super Nintendo. Miss K stayed entertained watching them play.
These two have become cuddle buddies and it's pretty much the best thing that's every happened in my life!
 B enjoyed an afternoon working on painting some pretty pictures.
This is probably my favorite picture of my sweet girl. I just love her so much!
 B got a Valentine's card from grandma. She sent him some tattoos and stickers. He said he needed one on each leg.
 I fell in the back parking lot at the grocery store and banged up my elbow really bad. I was lucky I didn't break it!
 Miss K had her 4 month check up and shots. She is one healthy, growing girl!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Miss K: 4 months

4 months old already! Time is flying by! I swear, this little girl gets cuter every day. She had her 4 month checkup and is weighing in at 13 lb 6 oz and 24 inches long. She is so interactive and has been practicing her new skills like giggling and blowing raspberries. We have struggled this past month with some nursing issues. Being overtired and hungry and refusing to latch. When she gets really upset, she is hard to calm down. She has been consistently taking a long morning nap, a shorter afternoon nap, and sleeping a longer stretch at night. She eats every  4-5 hours. She grabs toys with ease and everything goes in her mouth. She had been a drooling machine but there aren't any signs of a tooth popping up just yet. She loves to watch and observe everyone especially her big brother. He has been paying more attention to her as she learns to smile and interact with him. K is getting stronger and stronger and we work on tummy time each afternoon. She has rolled from front to back a couple of times and can roll from her back onto her side. She has outgrown all but a couple 0-3 month clothes and into her 3-6 month outfits. She loves to cuddle and be rocked and bounced to sleep. I just stare at her for hours when she is sleeping in my arms. I remember how fleeting this time is and I know I will never get it back, so I've been soaking in her sweet, chubby coos every day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Day in the Life #3

I like to do one of these every once in awhile to just capture a little glimpse of our current life. You can see #1 and #2 that I have done previously. B will be 3 in 3 weeks and K turned 4 months on this day. This will probably seem like a lot, but this is how life is right now. It's crazy and busy and hectic. I never get to complete one task without being interrupted 50 times. I'm getting very good at multitasking.

Monday, February 2, 2015
5:15- Miss K wakes up and is hungry. I nurse her and she has a hard time falling back asleep.
6:00- She's finally asleep. I lay her back down in her bed and go back to sleep myself.
6:20- Mr. A's alarm goes off and he gets ready and goes to work at 7.
8:30- Little B wakes up and comes in our room and crawls in to bed with me.
9:00- I turn on the TV for B and nurse Miss K.
9:35- I reluctantly get up and change K's diaper and get her dressed for the day. B continues to watch TV in our room.
9:40- I lay K on her playmat and go and make B's bed while trying to coax him into changing his diaper. He runs around "zoomin" with his zebra.
9:45- I finally convince B to let me change him. We put some undies on and he requests to wear pajamas today. I oblige and he picks out some Mickey Mouse jammies.
9:50- Only 5 minutes after getting dressed, B runs down the hall and he's already peed his pants. He sits on the potty and we get new undies and pants.
10:00- I start some toast for B and I to eat for breakfast. B insists on helping and sits on the counter. He peels a banana and starts eating it.
10:05- I get B set at the table with his breakfast and pour him a cup of milk. I turn on cartoons and move Miss K to her little chair in the dining room. I begin brewing a cup if coffee and start the dishwasher.
10:11- I sit down at the table with the kids and eat my toast, drink my coffee, and check my Facebook and Instagram.
10:20- I finish my toast and urge B to eat his food. I pick K up to take her with me to make our bed and notice she has blown out her diaper. I take her to her room and get her cleaned up and change her clothes.
10:26- I'm finished changing K and I grab my camera to take her 4 month pictures. B joins us and wants to take pictures too.  We play in K's room and B pretends to take pictures of me.
10:36- I lay K in my room with a teething toy and take B for a potty break.
10:40- I make the bed, gather up the laundry, and B plays games on my phone. I get dressed and brush my teeth.

10:45- K starts crying because she's getting tired so I grab her binky and go bounce her on the exercise ball until she falls asleep.
11:00- K is asleep for her morning nap. I put her in her swing. I take B for a potty break.
11:10- I start a load of laundry and treat K's dirty shirt.
11:15- Another potty break for B. I give him some fruit snacks for doing a great job on the potty.
11:20-I brew another cup of coffee and start unloading the dishwasher.
11:22- B walks in the kitchen soaked in milk. I change his shirt and clean up the floor.
11:26- I fix my coffee and continue unloading the dishes.
11:35- Potty break for B. I set him up at the table with some Play Doh and go back to unloading the dishwasher.
11:50- I finish putting all the dishes away and start loading the dirty dishes from this morning. I wash my crockpots that were soaking in the sink from the Superbowl party the night before. I finally finish my coffee.
11:55- I throw the clothes in the dryer.
12:03- Potty break for B. He says he's done with Play Doh and wants to color. I put it away and get out the crayons and coloring book. I start a new load of laundry.
12:08- I vacuum the kitchen floor and then help B color a  picture for daddy.
12:15- K's shirt is still stained, so I treat it again and put it to soak in the sink.
12:18- I start warming up the meat for lunch and get all of the fixins out for our tacos.
12:20- Potty break for B.
12:30- B is done coloring and starts playing with his zebra again. He runs around the house like a wild man. He runs over his cup of milk and spills it all over the rug. I clean that up.
12:40- I get B's food ready and get him started eating lunch. I clean up all of the crayons.
12:47- I sit down and eat my tacos and talk to B and text on my phone.
1:00- We finish up our lunch. I negotiate with B to finish eating his nachos so he can have a treat. He finally takes a few more bites. I give him his dessert and clear the table and rinse the dishes.
1:12-The doorbell rings and a woman who bought our old TV is here to pick it up. I put on my coat and shoes and venture into the snow to help her load it. As soon as I come back inside, B yells at me that he has to potty so we run to the bathroom. I hear K waking up in her swing. She starts crying. I wipe B's face and hands.
1:17-I sit down to nurse K while B plays with his toys and cuddles with his blanket on the living room floor.
1:23- K is done eating. I burp her and change her diaper. I lay K in her crib because B is acting like he needs to poop. I rush him to the bathroom. No success. I change him into a Pullup just in case. The toilet won't stop running, so I have to take the lid off and fix the chain to the handle. It finally stops.
1:31- K has spit up all over her clothes so I change her into her 3rd outfit of the day and change her diaper while B plays trucks.
1:34- I put K on her play mat. I finish cleaning off the table from the crumbs from B's dessert and start a new load of laundry. I bring K into the bedroom with me and start folding clothes.
1:49- B tries again to poop on the potty. No success. He asks to watch some videos on my phone. I let him do that while I finish folding clothes.
2:00- B hears a tractor clearing snow outside. He sits and watches it for 20 minutes in his room. I take K into the living room and play with her.
2:15- My mom calls. I talk to her while B is watching the tractor and K is doing tummy time on the floor. B comes in and he has pooped his pants. I let him talk to grandma while I change him. K starts crying. She is getting tired. I get her and rock her while I talk to mom on the phone. B plays in his room.
3:00- K falls asleep. I put her in her swing, change B into a diaper, and put him down for a nap.
3:10- I start picking up the toys in the house. The mail arrives so I grab it and sort it.
3:20- I sit down to write out some checks for the bills. I call and update my insurance information with a lab company. I'm on hold for 10 minutes.
3:30- B comes out of his room and asks for a drink. He goes to sleep.
3:40- I finish editing some pics and get a disc burnt for my brother-in-law's senior pictures that I took last weekend.
3:53- I open up Blogger and start this post.
3:57- K starts waking up. I get her and sit down in the chair to nurse. I start an episode of Mad Men. She falls asleep eating.
4:20- I put K in her swing. I switch out the laundry and fold clothes.
4:33- I sit down at the computer to work on this post and start brainstorming ideas for dinner.
5:15- Mr. A comes home from work and takes the trash to the alley.
5:20- We have a snack and I talk to Mr. A about our day. I decide to make cheeseburger soup for supper.
5:30- B wakes up. He goes potty and talks with daddy. I start defrosting the meat for tonight's supper. K starts waking up.
5:45- Take clothes out of the dryer and dry the last load of towels.
5:50- Start supper. Mr. A plays with the kids in B's room.
6:30- B potty break. Mr. A changes K's diaper and they play in the living room.
7:00- Sit down for supper and talk about our day.
7:30- Done with supper. B has made a huge mess and got in trouble for smashing potatoes and playing with his food.
7:40- Mr. A takes B in the bathroom and gives him a bath and I bathe Miss K in her baby bath in the kitchen sink. We each dress a kid in their jammies.
7:50- I sit down in the living room to feed K and Mr. A starts cleaning up dishes and the dining room.
8:00- K is acting tired, so I rock her and B plays his puzzle game on the tablet.
8:25- K is dead asleep in my arms. I put her down to sleep in her swing and take over kitchen cleanup duty. She wakes up after I lay her down so Mr. A rocks her while I wipe down the countertops.
8:40- I fold the remaining clothes and pick up the toys.
9:00-Mr. A brushes B's teeth and gets him ready for bed. I clean up the books in B's room. We say prayers and the boys wrestle in B's bed for a little bit before lights out.
9:20- I feed K again. B is still up and keeps getting in trouble for getting out of bed.
9:40- I rock K and Mr. A lays on the couch and we start an episode of Breaking Bad.
10:00- B comes out of his room and says he needs to go potty. He goes back to sleep and doesn't get up again. We resume our episode of Breaking Bad and have a peanut butter chocolate bar. K plays on the floor for awhile.
10:30- I change K's diaper and rock her to get to her to go to sleep. Mr. A falls asleep on the couch. I tell him to go to bed. I finish the episode of Breaking Bad and finish the episode of Mad Men I started earlier. K finally falls asleep.
11:00- I put K in her bed, check on B, and take a shower.
11:30- I lay in bed and check my Facebook, then plug my phone in, and go to sleep.
4:17- K wakes up and eats and goes back to sleep. I go back to sleep at 5.