Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dining Room {Updated}

I have done some small dining room updates since my last post.
Let's do a recap of how this room's décor has evolved....
When we first moved in:
And then we got a new table and chairs and I added wall décor:
I rearranged this room after Christmas to dedicate a space to the dining area and the office area. It makes this room look so much bigger and a much more efficient use of space. We purchased a new TV after our other one stopped working and changed the curtains for some blue ones I had. I added a new colorful rug to ground the office space. I like that the blue breaks up all of the brown and tan going on in this room. 
We have plans to sheetrock this room some time in the future as the paneling isn't in great shape. The back door and garage entry door need replaced as well. But until then, I work with what we have and make it look nice!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day 2015

This year, instead of a store bought card, Little B and I did a homemade project for Father's Day. I took a piece of cardstock and used Frog Tape to make a design. I watered down some paint and used a spoon and straw to blow the paint over the paper.

B used the spoon to dab the paint on the paper and then he would blow the paint around to make designs. He though this was so fun! I had to help him fill in a little around the letters so you could tell what it said once we removed the tape.
I let it dry a little bit before removing the tape. The finished product was a handmade picture for daddy!
We also did a fill in the blank letter to daddy from B and Miss K and I wrote our own little note on the back. We gave it to him Sunday morning and made his favorite... French toast! Even though he was on call at the hospital all weekend, we had a great day spending time together as a family.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week by Phone Pics 25/52

It was a lazier week as we recovered from all the traveling. We got rested up and stayed inside because it was so hot out!

Mr. A had a 3 day weekend so we spent the day at my mom's. My niece and sister came over and we played, got haircuts, and went to the pool. My niece loves playing Barbies and B usually joins her. He plays with the cars and makes the dolls drive "super fast" in their cars. Such a boy...
B got a haircut and immediately looks like he's 5. I love this little boy so much!
 Miss K wasn't too sure about mama taking her picture, but she looked so cute in her tank top.
I am anxious to get started on our kitchen paint-athon this fall. I've been choosing colors. I am so excited to get these cabinets painted!
Little Miss has been standing up on everything and has taken a step or two while cruising on the furniture. Time needs to slooowwww down!
The kids and I ran errands and went grocery shopping. B was such a good boy and didn't fight me to sit in the cart so he got a sucker at the dollar store. He was helping me take the water jug refills into the grocery store and the automatic door shut on him. He didn't cry or anything, but the owner felt bad and gave him a balloon. Miss K looked like she wanted that balloon too!
I broke my no-baking streak and baked a Pinterest recipe I found. Triple Chocolate Banana bread. It was so good!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Week by Phone Pics 23-24/52

Week 23
We had beautiful weather so the kids and I went to the park. They hadn't opened the pool yet because of all of the rain and cooler weather. I chatted with a friend and B played with her little boy. 
 Naps on Daddy are the best.
 We went to town on Wednesday and my girl and I took a picture together.
 Mr. A grilled steaks and we had  a feast for supper!
 B made a special project for Father's Day. I will share with you the finished product!
Nursing has become quite the acrobatic event these days. She uses my face as a footrest.
We headed to Omaha that weekend to meet my dear blogger friend, Julie and her family. I will have to share the details of the trip later!
Week 24
We had a recovery week from little sleep from the Omaha trip. You're never too old to lay on your mama's lap.
We went to the local pool for the first time this summer. B has grown so much and had a blast playing with the other kids.
 B played in the pool at home after a long fight to not take a nap. I would say that he was still tried...
It was hot hot hot this week, so on Wednesday (Mr. A always has Wednesdays off), we went to the nice pool in town and went grocery shopping. B was so shy and timid because there were so many kids and different things to do. But Miss K LOVED splashing in the zero-entry area and even took a nap with mama cuddled in a towel. She is the BEST baby.
I just can't help taking pictures of my sweet pumpkin sleeping. She is just so so so cute.
 We headed to my mom's for a 3 day weekend. We crammed a lot into a little weekend. I had to take this picture of K because she looked so huge! I can't believe she is almost 9 months old.
Mr. A and I went on a double date with my sister and her boyfriend. We went out to eat at the brewery and went to see Jurrasic World. We hadn't been to the movie since December 2013. We had so much fun and were so thankful my mom watched the kiddos.
 Sunday, we went out on the boat and fished and had a picnic. Papa let B help him drive the boat. It was Miss K's first time and we had a love-hate relationship with her life jacket. She was so DARN cute in it but she hated it. We weren't able to be out for very long, but both the kids enjoyed it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Living Room {Reveal}

This spring, we were finally getting in the groove of this 2 kids thing and decided to tackle our biggest painting project to date. Our living room! I have been looking forward to finishing this room more than any other room. It's the first room you see when you walk into the house, it's where we spend the most time, and I absolutely love the color that I chose. We decided to paint it Wheat Ridge by ACE Hardware mixed in Clark & Kensington eggshell finish. It's such a rich, earthy color. Depending on the lighting, it looks green or tan.It took about a month to finish. I painted one section at a time while the kids napped or in the evenings. I also ordered a custom decal for above the entry table and we replaced the entry and hallway lights. I'm sooo happy to have it done it feel so clean and cozy! I also rearranged after Christmas and utilized the space better. Lots more room to lay on the floor and play!


After: (taken with my new fisheye lens!)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Miss K: 8 Months

How is Miss K 8 months old already? We're going to be celebrating a year old before we know it... excuse me while I go and weep in a corner. She is just go go go these days. She is so content and happy alllll the time. She is easygoing and only fusses when she is hungry or tired. Speaking of hungry, this little girl LOVES to eat. She still nurses every 4 hours or so and is mostly sleeping all night. Milk just doesn't seem to be filling her appetite lately and she has been eating 3 solid meals a day plus little snacks like puffs or yogurt drops. She had her first bit of table food this week as well. She loves all her foods and still makes a silly face when she eats apples. I have started added seasoning to her food and she seems to like cinnamon the best! We've started her on a sippy cup with water. She always takes a drink and acts surprised when the water comes out. She likes to play with the cup and chew on it too. She is finally crawling on all fours. She uses and combination of crawling, scooting, and rolling to get where she wants to go. She has pulled herself up to a standing position a couple of times. I think we're going to have to lower her crib before long. She had her first day at the lake and just played and looked around on the picnic blanket. We have a lot in store this next month. She is going to get her fill of adventure! Her top teeth are just on the verge of poking through. Some days are worse than others when it comes to teething. We love this little girl soooo much and she is such a wonderful addition to our family.